Professional series of healing products consisting of Propolis Geliant oils.

Natural and ecological series of Propolis Geliant oils. Natural and ecological Propolis oils are based on a unique method by the academic Igor Petovitš Kalinjak. This unique medicinal cosmetic preparation alleviates different types of inflammatory processes and helps your skin to stay in ideal shape. Propolis Geliant oils’ main medical effect is assured by the bee glue (propolis) that it contains. Thanks to propolis, your skin will receive the needed nutrients and healing substances, which in turn will return your skin’s healthy complexion and natural beauty. Propolis Geliant’s medicinal series is a perfectly balanced equilibrium of bees’ propolis, Beeswax and oil.

Professional series of healing products consisting of Propolis Geliant oils.

Academic Kalinjak

Academic Igor Petrovitš Kalinjak is the son of Pjotor Kalinjak who worked out the original recipe for Propolis Geliant oils by following in his father’s footsteps. He founded the company “Kalinjak” in 1989, which deals in creating unique recipes, based on bees’ propolis. Igor Petrovitš Kalinjak significantly improved the original recipe for propolis oil and worked out a unique method to achieve an effective product.

Everywhere there are flowers, buds and bees – there is also propolis.

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Kristel Kangur

Very good line of product with great healing virtue.

John Titor

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Diana Toom

My preferred choice is Geliant 40%!

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Information and facts about propolis.

Propolis (bee glue) is highly effective against inflammation, since it’s content is rich in nutrients. Propolis has many amino acids, minerals and vitamins.



The main ingredients of Geliant Propolis oil:

Bee propolis

Bee propolis

Propolis has powerful curative properties. It has been used since ancient times.

Sunflower seed oil

Sunflower seed oil

Heliantus annus oil moisturises and softens dry skin and has a restorative effect on the skin.



It is the product of the life cycle of bees, a natural concentrate, which helps to preserve health and beauty.






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  • Aerosol Propolis Geliant 40% Suprema

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