Feedback from customers

Diana Toom

My preferred choice is Geliant 40%!

Kristel Kangur

Very good line of product with great healing virtue.

Anneliis Salumaa

I've been using Geliant 10% for a long time now. Excellent products

Julia Peters

I like natural cosmetics very much, so that's why I was so happy to find line of products like Geliant. My grandmother used to tell me a lot about bees and the benefits of propolis. So I decided to try Propolis Geliant 25% to solve my problem. I usually have the cracks on the lips because of windy weather in Estonia. I just use Geliant once in the morning and once in the evening. Now my lips are smooth and soft every day.

John Titor

Hello everyone! I would like to leave my feedback about Geliant 40%. I am a professional sportsman, so I usually have problems with my feet. The soles of the feet are usually cracked and covered with a layer of hard skin. I used Geliant oil for two weeks and I saw the results immediately, my feet were getting better by every day. I rate the product 4, cause the package could be better.

Sylvia Müller

I would like to leave a short feedback about Geliant oil 10%. It is very interesting product because of its natural consistency. I used this product to improve the condition of my dry skin. All creams and salves give very mousturing effect. But one course of Geliant oil made my skin look healthier and moistened for few days. I recommend this product for those who have the same problem with the skin.

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