Propolis Aerosol 10%

About product

Propolis Geliant 10% oil helps to take care of facial skin, neck and the décolleté area. This series of oils evens out wrinkles, reduces the stretching out of skin and helps the skin to heal from problems like rosacea, pimples, telangiectasia (widening of blood vessels), and acne. Propolis Geliant 10% helps to preserve the youthfulness of your skin thanks to cleansing anti-oxidants and properties that facilitate the healing of skin. The product has a neutral pH level and will not damage your skin (does not dry or cause acidity) and therefore can be used on all skin types. Produced on the methodology of I.P. Kalinjak.



  • PROPOLIS CERA Ph (propolis) – 20%;
  • HELANIUS ANNUUS (sunflower seed oil) – 78%;
  • CERA ALBA (beeswax) – 2%.


Apply the product on the part of the skin that needs work and keep it there for 1-2 minutes. Remove the leftover product from skin with a dry cotton pad or tissue. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times.

Maintenance of facial skin (neck and décolleté):
Clean the face thoroughly with gel or foam. Pour Propolis Geliant 10% on a spoon that has previously been warmed under hot water, then clean the face with a cotton pad that has been dipped in the oil. Oiling of the face must be done downwards up to avoid stretching out the skin:

  • when cleaning the face, it is necessary to move from under the jaw to earlobes, while following the jawline;
  • when cleaning cheeks, it is necessary to move from the corners of the mouth towards the ear canal, from the upper lip and sides of the nose towards the middle of the ear;
  • when cleaning the area surrounding the eyes, it is necessary to move from the inner corner of the eye, across the eyelid towards the outer corner of the eye, after that across the lower eyelid towards the nose;
  • when cleaning the forehead, it is necessary to move from the middle of the forehead towards the temples, following the growth direction of hair and eyebrows;
  • when cleaning the nose, move from the root of the nose towards the tip and from the sides with a top to bottom motion.

Remove the leftover oil with a dry napkin or a towel after 1-2 minutes and repeat the procedure 1-2 times.
Finally, clean the leftover Propolis Geliant 10% with a dry napkin.
Use daily in the evenings 1-1.5 hours before going to bed.

Skin peeling procedure. Peeling:
Clean the facial skin thoroughly with gel or foam. To open the facial skin pores, do a steam procedure or warm the face with a pre-warmed towel, that is gently placed on the skin. Spread Propolis Geliant 10% on the skin and keep it there for 2-3 minutes by massaging the following places to avoid stretching of the skin:

  • in the jaw and circular muscle area of lips use only one fingertip for application;
  • in the triangle area of the face, more specifically around the jaw muscles and circular muscles of the lips, apply the product on the skin with both hands, moving your hands back and forth;
  • in the nose area, on the major and minor cheekbones, the peeling is done with upwards motions across the sides of the nose on the pyramid muscle;
  • on the wings of the nose the peeling is done with middle fingers of both hands towards the nostrils;
  • peeling the forehead starts from the middle of the forehead, moving towards the temples with a back and forth motion.

When finished with the peeling, clean the leftover oil with a dry napkin. Application of the oil should be repeated 2 more times. Afterwards, remove the leftover oil with a moist towel.

Frequency of peeling:

  • in the case of normal type skin, once a month;
  • in the case of oily and combined skin, twice a month.

Body care:
Apply the oil on the body and keep it there for 2 minutes. Remove the leftover oil with a moist and warm towel (+40…+42 °C). Repeat the procedure 2 more times. Remove the leftover oil with a dry towel. For the best results, use the product consecutively at least 3 times.

Peeling of the body:
Clean the skin with a cleansing milk for body, completely remove the leftovers with a sponge dipped in lukewarm water. Apply the oil on clean skin starting from the bladder area. Clean the stomach and chest up to the neck area. Keep on for 2-3 minutes. Remove the oil with the palms of your hands by slightly pressing and then remove the leftover oil with a dry napkin. Repeat the procedure on the back from heels to the back of your head. Repeat the same procedure 2 more times and remove the leftover oil with a warm and moist towel. Wrap your body in a warm towel or sheet and lay down for 20-30 minutes.

Preparing a mixture of Propolis Geliant 10% oil for washing the body and head:
Right before actual use, mix 1 part of Propolis Geliant 10% oil with 1 part of shower gel or 1 part of shampoo. Use right after making. The mixture is not to be preserved.

Attention! Not to be used for compresses!


Allergy to bee products or to the individual components of the product. Before use, do an allergy test to check the suitability of the product by applying the product on the forearm with a cotton swab. If after 30 minutes the area develops a burning sensation, itchiness or redness, then the use of the product is counter indicated. External use only.


Contents of the packaging:

  • packet with 100ml of nitrogen oil;
  • instruction manual;

These products have not been tested on animals.
Does not contain rubbing alcohol or preservatives.
The product meets the norms set by Good Manufacturing Practises.

Best before

Best before:
The shelf life of the product is 3 years when kept in the manufacturer’s packaging, starting from the production date indicated on the packaging.

Attention! After opening the packaging, the product remains useable for three weeks.