Geliant 40% Gold

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Propolis Geliant 40% Suprema Gold  oil is absorbed into the skin without problems and has a healing effect even on the densest layers of skin, aka soles of the feet, palms, sub-nail plates both on hands and feet. In addition to the aforementioned, Propolis Geliant 40% Suprema Gold will improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin, removes cellulite, protects the bones, evens out the complexion of the skin, reduces pigment spots and freckles. It quickly and effectively creates a suitable environment for healing in the problem area, thanks to the healing compounds in propolis.
Produced on the methodology of I.P. Kalinjak.


PROPOLIS CERA Ph. (Bee glue) – 80 %
HELIANTHUS ANNUUS (Sunflower seed oil) – 12 %
CERA ALBA (Beeswax) – 8 %


For pigment spots, freckles, and for peeling the face and skin.
Cleanse the face with cleansing milk, afterwards scrub your face with a tonic or with a sponge that has been dipped in lukewarm water. To open the pores of face and body, do a hot compress by dipping a towel in hot water and place it on the face for 30 seconds. Afterwards, apply the product on the skin by subtly massaging the skin without stretching it and keeping it there for 2-3 minutes. Clean the leftover oil from the skin with a dry napkin and repeat the procedure 2 more times. Finally, remove the leftover oil with a warm and moist towel.
In the case of dry and normal skin type, do the procedure once a month, in the case of oily and combined skin, repeat the procedure twice a month.
To promote an overall firmness of the skin and to remove cellulite.
Moisten a towel in hot water (+45…55 °C), and wring most of the water out and place on the area with cellulite. Cover the towel with a plastic wrap and blanket for 10-15 minutes.
Apply Propolis Geliant 40% Suprema on a problem area. Rub the product in with light circular movements, using either your hands or a polymer cup until the body starts to lightly flush. Remove the leftover oil with a dry towel or a soft cosmetic napkin. Repeat the procedure for 2 more times.
Do the procedure 3 times in one session (the best time for it is in the evening before going to bed).


Organic Bee Propolis Oil Natural Extract

Organic Bee Propolis Oil Natural Extract is a 100% natural substance that is suitable for all skin types. It has a lot of benefits which make it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to have beautiful and clear skin. With no alcohol in its composition, a neutral PH level and made from organic materials, there’s no damage to the skin or any risk of dry skin.

Effective skin treatment is one of the things that Organic Bee Propolis Oil Natural Extract delivers, offering a moisturising cream-oil with no irritating effect on the skin. Thanks to anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing properties, you’ve got an extract that soothes the skin while helping to lift and tighten it.

Organic Bee Propolis Oil Natural Extract is also a powerful, holistic choice for acne issues. The extract is perfect for clearing up spots and soothing inflammations, as well as reducing the impact of pores and leaving you with a beautiful face. Because it also cleans the skin at the same time, you will look your best all the time!

Sunburn can be a particular challenge to try and ease. We’ve all been out in the heat, having a good time, and then come home to realise that we’re a painful shade of red. Organic Bee Propolis Oil Natural Extract can help with this by easing the symptoms of sunburn and helping to cure it. You’ll also notice that it can reduce the effects of pigments and freckles, to give you healthier, clearer skin.

Let’s be honest – there are a lot of skin treatments out there that are full of chemicals that are no good for you. You need something that is organic and natural because otherwise, your skin suffers in the long term. It’s all about getting a natural skincare product, which is exactly what we set out to offer.

An added bonus of Organic Bee Propolis Oil Natural Extract is that you get a natural way to make your face look incredible and to give your skin a radiant look. All of the ingredients are organic and contain no harmful chemicals and nothing that can cause you any irritation. It’s perfect for rejuvenating and restoring the skin, because you deserve to treat your body to the best.

The skin is a precious resource that can age terribly if it not properly looked after. Make sure that yours remains youthful and vibrant for years to come with the help of a non-alcoholic blend and ingredients that are designed specifically to rejuvenate and repair. It’s all about looking after your skin, and it’s possible thanks to the best possible product.

There’s a lot of things that your skin can benefit from. Having its elasticity improved and counteracting the ageing process are just two of those things. As we get older, it becomes more and more challenging to look after our skin and keep it in the best possible condition. You find that time leaves a mark, and it’s not one which is easily undone. However, you can take steps to restore your skin back to some of it’s more youthful beauty, which is where this extract comes in handy.

Organic Bee Propolis Oil Natural Extract is suitable for a selection of different skin types as previously mentioned. The aim here was to make sure that as many people as possible could have access to great products. We know that you want the very best, and so it’s what we aim to give you, blending experience with organic ingredients to come up with something truly incredible.

Regardless of what you need the extract for, it’s ready and waiting. Made of organic materials and packed full of goodness, you’ll find that it helps to heal, nurture, and rejuvenate the skin. Don’t settle for anything less than ULTRA HYDRATING skin cream. Remember that it’s what you deserve. Your body needs the best nutrients and products to look radiant and feel confident. This product has no artificial chemicals, and so it’s perfect for gently revitalising and cleansing your body in a way you might not have thought possible.

So whether you’ve got acne issues, problems with sunburn, or a variety of other skin conditions, you’ll find that this is for you. Treat yourself to some excellent skincare and remind yourself what it feels like to enjoy yourself. It’s easy to get lost in the sensation, and with an incredible set of benefits, you won’t want any other product!

A treatment course lasts for 4 weeks.
* 1st week – once every day
* 2nd week – once every two days
* 3rd week – once every three days
* 4th week – once every four days
To reduce cellulite, it is advisable to repeat a monthly course for three months.

Take a bandage and cut a hole in it that matches the size of the wart. Put the prepared bandage on the area so that the wart will stick out of the pre-cut hole while the area surrounding it remains covered by the bandage. Prepare a globule the size of the wart out of gauze. Dip the globule in Propolis Geliant 40% oil, squeeze the globule to remove excess oil and place the globule on the wart and cover it with another bandage. It is advisable to do this in the evening, by leaving the globule soaked in Propolis Geliant 40*% Suprema oil on the body for the entire night.
Repeat until desirable results are achieved.

AttentionNot to be used for compresses!


Allergy to bee products or to the individual components of the product. Before use, do an allergy test to check the suitability of the product by applying the product on the forearm with a cotton swab.
Only for external use.

Packaging contains

Contents of the packaging:

  • bottle with 100 ml oil.

These products have not been tested on animals.
Does not contain rubbing alcohol or preservatives.
The product meets the norms set by Good Manufacturing Practises.

best before

Best before:
The shelf life of the product is 3 years when kept in the manufacturer’s packaging, starting from the production date indicated on the packaging.

ATTENTION! After opening the packaging, the product remains useable for three weeks.